Joining intelligence and simulated reality in people and machines in the new normal Capital Market

The reality of the new normal is that it has never been more necessary to simulate the most varied markets, their features, and their actors. And tools for that are not lacking, leveraged precisely by this condition.

And, unless you consider and believe in other hypotheses, such as simulation, machines, and people are inserted in the “real” reality, and face increasingly complex challenges and problems, which make it essential to join the intelligence of people and machines.

At this point, despite the evolution in terms of machine intelligence, especially in recent years, consciousness is still a typically human capacity, despite so many people still making judgments that are not rational and intelligent.

Considering this technological scenario, the challenge of creating higher quality models for the Capital Market is increasingly showing a favorable terrain for the simulation, not only of reality but also of possible future realities. And, in the same way, the human competence of conscience and judgment, becomes more and more relevant, if the machines cannot simulate it with the same quality.

To have this awareness is, in practice, to recognize that the most advanced tools to find the best strategies do not go only through the intelligence of people and machines, but in the creation of the best models that allow their simulation, and their future impact.

By Rogerio Figurelli at 12/04/2020

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