How to give AI a chance

So you do not believe in Artificial Intelligence? Or, still, AI for you is just a hype or a new wave that will pass?

Maybe you’re right. However, if this is not the case, this strategic error could be a great threat or even a loss of opportunity relevant to differentiating and improving the quality of your products and services.

In this sense, I recommend that you — at least — give AI a chance. And how to do that? Maybe the answer is to create an AI-based product or service. Or, just a better or improved product or service of your company. But I do not see these as good ideas for those who do not believe in Artificial Intelligence.

My suggestion is even simpler: create an internal small area dedicated to AI, initially with a basic or minimal structure, but which is able to compete in providing relevant information to achieve some of your organization’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

To compete? Yes, compete internally, with the other areas and people whose execution of tasks influences in some way these KPIs.

For instance, let’s say you work in an e-commerce company and a relevant KPI in your current area is the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). The internal area, dedicated to AI, should seek solutions, such as the use of data science and automatic decision systems, based on deep learning predictions, for investment in advertising, seeking to identify relevant factors that can reduce the CAC, without prejudice to other KPIs.

And in practice, in-house competition is really just a doorway for a new tool within your company, with real chances of making a decisive contribution to being one of the differentiators in real market competition.

Or, in other words, a way to give AI a chance.
By Rogerio Figurelli at 05/30/2020

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