The new Economy and the doors for Innovation

It is easier for economists to imagine that the economy will return to normal, but they may not realize that the world will no longer be the same. Actually, the movement of workers, and especially of tasks, has never been so clear to the increasingly remote and isolated environment of the houses of its executors. However, much more than this, we are seeing a solution emerging from people to face problems more and more independently of urban structures, as happened in the past, in relation to rural structures.

And, in my view, we can compare this movement to the same one executed, in the past, from agriculture to industry, especially if we consider the impact of new technologies to align new demands and market expectations.

In other words, the same fundamentals of technologies that in the past were a facilitator for moving people from rural tasks to urban tasks, now move people from urban tasks to tasks in their homes.

Of course, we are experiencing a peak of this, demanded by the immediate needs of social isolation, but this is a movement of unprecedented and, in my perspective, no return business skills.

And, in this scenario, innovative technologies, of virtual, artificial, augmented reality, etc., of digital commerce and delivery, of communication, of robotic physical tasks, etc., are increasingly necessary and demanded.

Certainly, economists will perceive and analyze these movements in-depth, which were already relevant for reasons other than the work itself, but also focused on safety, translating them with greater propriety, but with my bias in technology and innovation, I propose to start by analyzing the new reality of digital experiences that people are demanding, and their impact on future generations, in a world with more and more uncertain and complex, where houses show themselves with an absurdly relevant task force.

And, in this sense, I recommend organizations, and governments, being aware of all the potential for innovation and creation of products that further increase the potential for performing tasks directly from where their executors reside, and to increase their productivity and resilience, to all risk factors.

Because, to my understanding, this does not seem to be a temporary movement, but rather, a trend that is here to stay, and although the causes may only be understood in the future, the effects to form this trend are already very clear.

And the doors for creating new products and forming new paradigms are open, as never before.

By Rogerio Figurelli at 05/29/2020

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