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Bridging Intelligence and Consciousness: Towards Artificial General Consciousness (AGC)
Over the last several decades, the trajectory of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has undergone profound transformation. Gone are the days when AI's capabilities were limited to simple arithmetic computations or basic data processing. Today, we witness the age of Large Language Models, deep learning, and neural networks, where AI systems can emulate a vast range of human cognitive functions. As we stand at this pivotal juncture, there's growing anticipation about reaching the zenith of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) — a stage where machines might equal, if not surpass, human intelligence in all its breadth and depth.

Enhancing Communication Efficiency in Generative Chatbots: Introducing a Standardized Command Language
In the rapidly evolving field of conversational AI, generative chatbots have emerged as powerful tools for interactive and dynamic conversations. However, one common challenge faced by users is the lack of consistency and structure in the output generated by these chatbots. In order to address this issue and improve communication efficiency, a novel solution is proposed: the use of a standardized command language.

A Holistic Perspective on Intelligence: Focusing on Effects rather than Causes
This article proposes a novel perspective on defining intelligence by shifting the emphasis from causes to effects. Traditional definitions of intelligence often focus on specific causal factors, such as cognitive abilities or intentional behavior. However, these definitions may fail to capture the full complexity of intelligence.










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The Chameleon Effect of Cognitive Architectures

In the vast cosmos of artificial intelligence (AI), there exists a niche yet pivotal domain, known as cognitive architectures. For the uninitiated, cognitive architectures are computational frameworks that mimic human cognitive processes. They are the engines behind intelligent agents, driving them to reason, learn, and adapt. Today, we delve deep into some groundbreaking ideas that are poised to reshape our understanding of cognitive architectures, with profound implications for the future of AI.