What are your Innovation needs?

Our main fields of Innovation: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, disruptive products and/or killer applications * Fintechs, quantitative finance, High-Frequency Trading (HTF) and algorithmic trading platforms * Cognitive Robotics Process Automation (Cognitive RPA) and new technologies for business process automation * Cognitive Architectures, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), consciousness (awareness) machines/robots, and strong AI * Computer Vision * Virtual/Augmented/Mixed/etc. Reality technologies/systems * Natural Language Processing (NLP) * Blockchain and Decentralized Artificial Intelligence systems/platforms * Microservices architectures for large and complex applications * Technological and business stacks * Building Blocks Frameworks * Cloud/Edge/etc. Computing * Advanced Analytics and automatic/autonomous Business/Artificial Intelligence * IoT/IoE, Cyber-Physical System (CPS), and robots that can be physically controlled by computers/software/AI/etc. * Headless and state-of-the-art Web technologies/systems * Data Science/Analysis/Engineering/Research/etc. technologies/systems * Data-driven/informed and/or Reasoning-Driven/Informed technologies/systems * Visionary systems, predictive analysis, risk management, and forecasting * Quantum computers, systems, and machine learning algorithms * Autonomous and automatic Startups with robots executing all processes * Robots for Marketing, linking artificial and real market intelligence.
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