Balancing creativity with innovation

To my understanding, to solves real problems in a new and better way we need to be creative, to think about new ideas, and innovative, putting these creative ideas into action.

However, there is no risk of thinking differently, but there are several risks to go to action, mainly regarding finding an efficient business model.

So, we need to balance creativity with innovation, because one function depends on the other.

However, this is the theory, because in practice we see a great difficulty for most organizations to make room for innovation, precisely for leaving aside the force of creative thinking.

And ideas, however creative they may be, need viable business models to really turn into an innovation.

Despite this logic, we find in the market an increasingly complex lack of balance to be addressed. Many teams, for example, are stuck with creativity alone. And many teams are stuck with the production.

And I think one of the main factors of this reality is that people deal very differently with the actions of thinking creatively and acting in an innovative way.

By Rogerio Figurelli at 05/10/2021

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