Chaos, the perfect environment for disruptive innovations

Nobody, in rational argument, wants chaos, at least for themselves. And, for common sense, for the suffering and social problems that it has the potential to cause, as we are living today, I think that it should never be desired for any environment, despite the fact that some strategies behind it may work, and even generate some kind of return.

Actually, it often happens in a planned way, such as in the financial market, where, unfortunately, deterministic strategies can be increasingly written by those who have more strength for this — both capital and technology — and so on, despite the legislators’ protection efforts.

Anyway, like crises in general, chaos is always ready to knock on the door, with its most varied dimensions.

However, the positive side of chaos is that it creates the perfect environment for disruptive innovations, and therefore an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs, at the most varied levels, to create solutions completely out of the box.

And, without a doubt, we are living in this moment, and many breakthrough technologies are being created, both in relation to the new normal and to the advancement of Artificial Intelligence on new fronts, with an increasing opening for tests.

But, unfortunately, just when opportunities are so relevant and proportional to real people’s needs, many managers and organizations decide to go the other way, which is to take no risks or even invest in innovation.

By Rogerio Figurelli at 12/15/2020
Senior IT Architect & Solutions Consultant