The evolution of innovation

My vision of the evolution of innovation goes through two complex and fundamental paths: the continuous search for the creator of ideas (wherever he is) and the strong connection and integration of that creator to the whole process.

In fact, I am not creating or inventing anything, because if we look back at the successful cases of innovation, they are unlikely to be generated without these two paths.

The problem is that the paradigm of separation of concepts of innovation and creativity makes us not to give the correct relevance to the creator of ideas. And in this sense, perhaps the biggest illusion that organizations have is that ideas can be created only by internal teams, or that they can be formed continuously only through constant training.

Of course, all organizations have their creative talents, but if we really want ROI we have to be open to hiring other external talents, reinforcing the homegrown talents.

Furthermore, it is very likely that the ideas that will lead to disruptive innovation in your company are outside of them, without paradigms, in some garage or small business room that you are unaware of. And if this is true, the most intelligent thing in evolutionary terms, to my understanding, is to have a systematic search for these talents to add to the internal innovation process, in such a strong way that allows them to be the future CEOs of your company.

I know that this goes against several concepts about creativity and innovation and what most professionals in the field teach, who seek magical results based solely on processes, without the real value of the authors of relevant ideas for innovation, wherever they are.

But, in my view, it is necessary to evolve these concepts, if we have a real focus on ROI.

By Rogerio Figurelli at 06/20/2020

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