Finite brains, infinite minds, and the great mistake of the Technological Singularity theory

The Technological Singularity theory is essentially based on the fact that we are going beyond Moore’s Law, creating artificial brains increasingly powerful, including in the number of neurons, superior to the human.

However, as encouraging as this law is, to create such theories, physical resources are limited, just like our brain.

And what if we have a finite brain, and an infinite mind?

Moreover, what is the advantage or real organic intelligence, to our evolution, of having an increasingly augmented intelligence, or machines/robots with human-like intelligence, or even higher and a superintelligence, if we do not have an equivalent consciousness of its use (organic or inorganic)?

In my view, to be conscious we need a mind, which makes our mind a far more complex system than the material, our limited computers, and even organic, of our limited real brains.

As far, as the infinite, i.e., finite brain, infinite mind.

And, in my opinion, this is the great mistake of the Technological Singularity theory.

Much more who dreams someday downloading infinity!

To address such paradoxes and limitations (Intelligence/Consciousness, Organic/Inorganic, Real/Artificial, etc.) I have proposed an equation of wisdom (W = I ^ C), where W = Wisdom (Real or Artificial) is I = Intelligence metric (Real or Artificial) powered by C = Consciousness and self-consciousness metric (Real or Artificial).
Actually, I created this equation to help we measure and address the impact of AI on humanity and our evolution.

So, in this sense, you can consider an Inorganic Intelligence powered by Organic Consciousness as a reality today. But note that Artificial Consciousness (including Self-Consciousness or Self-Awareness if you prefer) will become each time more relevant, and hybrid (humans+machines), since machines are far away from this capacity, as I stated before.

And if to be conscious we really need a mind, and to create wisdom superior to the human we need human-like or super intelligence and human-like or super consciousness.

Actually, everything indicates that our ability to replicate the limited brain is really evolving, but the ability to replicate the infinite mind and our consciousness seems to me only a utopia, fueling the most varied theories.

And, in practice, the great singularity on our planet will still be our mind, at least as long as we depend on what we can create ourselves from it.
By Rogerio Figurelli at 06/18/2020

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