From RPA to RSA: Robotic Strategy Automation

Artificial Intelligence, applied to process automation systems, mainly through RPA or Robotic Process Automation technology at its highest levels of automation and autonomy of cognitive processes, or Cognitive RPA, allows — increasingly — to create fully automated and autonomous organizations, making various technologies and even old approaches to automation, such as BPM (Business Process Management), obsoletes.

But what evolution or future can we expect from RPA?

In my view, we are moving towards a new concept, which I name RSA or Robotic Strategy Automation, i.e., the faster and faster automation of the strategies, almost at the same speed as they are created and improved, in order to reach ever-higher levels competitiveness.

In this new RSA concept, managers imagine new strategies, simulate them on machines, and, in real-time, place them in the market, in live platforms, and organizations that are increasingly automatic and autonomous, if not totally.

And a relevant question, if this is really a concept and a possible scenario, is what technology is necessary to materialize the RSA?

My answer is simple: the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, even still typically for specific applications or narrow AI, converges with the evolution of the RPA and the tools are increasingly the same, i.e., if your organization already invests in AI, and RPA, Robotic Strategy Automation is only a matter of time.

By Rogerio Figurelli at 06/07/2020

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