The Equation of Innovation

In the same way that we can create a path and an equation between intelligence and wisdom, and between wisdom and evolution, I propose an equation for innovation, by creating a consistent, multi propagation path between Wisdom and Innovation, using visionary and original concepts and equations, also known as Online Innovation:

  • Intelligence as the ability to apply the knowledge to meet the objectives
  • Consciousness as the ability to define the objectives from the understanding of the environment and its laws
  • Wisdom as the ability to meet the objectives from the knowledge and the understanding of the environment and its laws
  • Intuition as a hidden and unknown collective wisdom that, sometimes, we have access
  • Evolution as the ability to increase wisdom
  • Innovation as the ability to accelerate evolution

In this sense, I will propose in this article a new equation, derived from “The Equation of Wisdom” and “The Equation of Evolution”, that I name as “The Equation of Innovation”.

Of course, if we consider that Evolution is the ability to increase Wisdom, we need to measure it.

So, of course too, using my proposed equation, W = I ^ C.

Note that W, I or C in the equation is any kind of Wisdom, Intelligence or Consciousness since this is a very generic equation and that is possible collective / hybrid configurations, such as Machine Intelligence (mI) and Human Consciousness (hC) Universe Intelligence (uI) and Machine Consciousness (mC), etc.

For instance, a complex but viable, future collective/hybrid Wisdom:

W = hI + hC + (mI + aI + nI) hC + hI (mC + uC)

Standard legend for the equation of wisdom:

h – human (rational animal)


a – animal

n – nature

u – universe

Human Intelligence = hI

Machine Intelligence = mI

Animal Intelligence = aI

Nature Intelligence = nI

Universe Intelligence = uI

Human Consciousness = hC

Machine Consciousness = mC

Animal Consciousness = aC

Nature Consciousness = nC

Universe Consciousness = uC

But how can we measure Evolution as the ability to increase Wisdom?

My idea for this is extremely simple, i.e., just checking if the current wisdom (t) is greater than at a previous time or state (t-1).

In other terms, we are looking for W(t) > W(t-1).

And, using my thesis, a simple way to measure evolution is to consider that:

E = W(t) / W(t-1)

That is if current wisdom (t) is greater than that at a previous time or state (t-1), evolution grows!

In theory, Evolution can be infinite if this relation is favorable, but for this, we must take into account the basic elements of wisdom, which are in my understanding intelligence and consciousness.

Thus, the evolution equation can also be represented by:

E = (I(t) ^ C(t)) / (I(t-1) ^ C(t-1))

In practice, this equation tells us that we should look for increasing intelligence scores, using hybrid systems (human + machine), but it is fundamental to seek higher scores of levels of consciousness if we really want to evolve.

Innovation as the ability to accelerate evolution

To measure evolution acceleration, I propose the equation:

Innov = E(t) / (E(t-1) ^ Impact)

Where ‘Impact’ can be defined as a convention to measure the impact of innovation ‘Innov’.

For instance, a possible convention, considering just two types of innovation:

‘Impact’>=1 – Incremental Innovation

‘Impact’>=2 – Disruptive Innovation

However, this convention depends on the subjective evaluation of individuals and standards of organizations, both in terms of the number of types of innovation and in threshold values.

By Rogerio Figurelli at 05/29/2020

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