A mind for the Web

Digital and collective are increasingly relevant features in globally integrated intelligent systems, which, in turn, are increasingly simple, and necessary, attributes that can be obtained through cloud technologies, which are constantly evolving.

In other words, today’s cloud is no longer the same as yesterday, literally, and in theory, it is more and more advanced, considering that it is increasingly digital, integrated, fast, responsive, creative, ubiquitous, mobile, scalable, and, as a consequence, invisible.

But if global action is increasingly simple, and the technology for it increasingly invisible, the creation of intelligent systems proves to be increasingly complex, with absurd levels of uncertainty about what is really viable or not, and in what deadlines and quality levels, especially when the challenge is general, automatic and autonomous intelligence, and, mainly, wisdom at the human level.

A mind for the Web

My view is that the doors are open for us to create a mind for the Web, especially with the arrival of the new summer of artificial intelligence.

Yes, a digital mind.

And this is due to several evolution of specific functionalities, which somehow helped to build its original operational mass, or in view of this metaphor, its brain, to allow an increasing autonomy of digitally collective decisions, combining intelligent people and machines.

In this new scenario for the Web, we will no longer know the exact logic of each operation, or each creation, or each decision. After all, the Web is alive, with a collective consciousness, intelligent and autonomous, even for free will.

And, in practice, it will materialize in the most varied formats, ranging from the most basic, which are web sites, to the most interactive, such as mobile applications and, increasingly, machines and robots, real and artificial, as I prefer to refer to the well-known bots.

The risks and opportunities of this new Web, with a digital mind, are at the level of wisdom that it will reach, and our responsibility, as users and developers, is that its consciousness, real or artificial, but certainly collective, is, in fact, increasingly evolved.

And, I hope, we are wise enough to be creating a new collective and digital mind that helps our own to be increasingly evolved, which would fully justify this path that we are following.

By Rogerio Figurelli at 05/29/2020

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