Who comes first, the technology or the demand?

Who comes first, the technology or the demand? For the innovator, and the unstructured intelligence, both.

It is very natural that, in the face of so many tech hypes, organizations initially try to recognize potential opportunities for applying technologies to business strategies and contexts, rather than the more logical way of just looking for technologies for their demands.

And the truth is that most advisers will recommend what seems to be the logical path.

However, for organizations that are in fact innovative, what about if both ways are relevant or suitable?

And the logic of this is precisely in the opening of the doors of chaos to generate ideas, and consequently of innovation, mainly of rupture.

And the key to do this I call unstructured intelligence.

For a better understanding, and instance, imagine that all the experience you have to solve a particular problem, such as a software bug, is not enough to find a solution. At first, this seems illogical to an experienced programmer – you must be thinking – but do not forget that no matter how much you have fixed bugs in the past, at this point something unexpected can change the levels of uncertainty and complexity presented.

And life does not fail to present new needs for knowledge and information, at all times. Likewise, you being on a project that you do not know how to locate the paths to actually eliminate a programming failure or error. In any case, we have an incredible capacity of unstructured intelligence to organize our knowledge and ideas, to solve the great majority of problems, especially those that involve our survival and evolution.

Of course, most of the day-to-day problems are solved through structured intelligence, which in companies is modeled rationally, by planning.

However, it should be noted that this type of problem is the most threatened to have the solution immediately automated by robots, of the most varied types.

So, we can assume that, fortunately, our unstructured intelligence is becoming more and more relevant today due to its highly relevant characteristics for the market, and mainly because of the great difficulty in modeling.

By Rogerio Figurelli at 05/29/2020

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